Transportation Procurement Manage Costs and Drive Carrier Relationships with BravoAdvantage

For transportation where spend can be large, capacity is limited, stakeholders have diverse requirements, and making mistakes can be costly, traditional approaches to strategic procurement often time do not suffice. While a simple price leveraging approach may yield short term results, companies who seek innovative techniques for managing costs and maintaining critical carrier relationships will see a more lasting impact. Unfortunately, executing such approaches can prove challenging for organizations as the scale and complexity of their projects increase.

Today, strategic procurement teams can have a significant impact on driving greater value across the entire business. In order to do so, they require solutions that streamline and integrate complex sourcing activities and obtain end-to-end visibility into total spend, supplier performance and risk management.

Tejari brings significant value to transportation and logistics organizations with:

  • A consolidated view of overall spending and performance
  • Deeper understanding of carriers’ network strengths and weaknesses
  • Flexible integration with shipper systems including TMS, ERP and others
  • Superior level of carrier / shipper collaboration
  • Robust investigations into mode economics

With BravoAdvantage, transportation procurement organizations can support business growth, profit and margins by helping to improve the quality of products while reducing costs, increase global leveraging initiatives, develop a strategic sourcing center of excellence and maintain good relationships with key suppliers:

  • Actively measure and manage spend performance
  • Proactively identify new sourcing opportunities, better manage compliance and more accurately report on savings
  • Onboard, segment and manage suppliers based on performance, risk and future development
  • Automate simple and complex sourcing events to reduce cycle times, increase, transparency and deliver faster ROI
  • Link contract performance to Supplier Value Management for a single repository for creating, storing and tracking contracts
  • Unlock massive savings in critical categories by analyzing sourcing scenarios to find the most advantageous approach
  • Buy and pay for goods and services in a simplified, paperless, and cost-efficient way

With BravoAdvantage transportation procurement organizations can maximize savings across transportation modes, improve supplier collaboration, and monitor rate compliance, mode demand shifts, and savings to prevent value erosion.

Tejari Customer Showcase:

Some of the Tejari clients who utilize BravoAdvantage strategic procurement solutions specific to transportation and logistics include Accenture, Arkema, Axalta, Chemours, DuPont, Essroc, KraftHeinz, Mondelēz, Unilever and others around the world. Clients rely on BravoAdvantage to utilize a single solution for logistics and transportation procurement, increase efficiencies and controls, plus improve carrier and shipper alignment, collaboration and performance.

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