Tejari Whitepapers

Top 10 Technologies for Supply Management Savings

The average company is sitting on a goldmine of untapped savings opportunities that it fails to realize because it doesn’t even know about the gold-bearing vein running through its enterprise data.

With the right systems in place, the average company can […]

Taking the First Step on Your Next Level Supply Management Journey

VFS. Hi-Def Sourcing. Next Level Supply Management. Next Practices. Value Chain Creation. The acronyms and acclamations are flying fast and furious. Even world class Supply Management organizations have to do something more to maintain their year-over-year contributions to the bottom […]

Harnessing Supplier Competition For Your Advantage: eAuctions Make It Happen

eAuctions can generally be characterized as one of two types: reverse and forward. In reverse eAuctions, bidders lower their offer price with every bid; in forward eAuctions bidders raise their offer price with every bid. Regardless of which type is […]

Big Data Spend Analytics

Many manufacturing and distribution companies are wrestling with the enormous challenge of Big Data, trying to turn mountains of data into actionable information. And while some companies curse the landslide of data overwhelming their organizations, others look to capitalize on […]

How to Justify Spend Analysis to Finance/IT When There’s No Clear ROI

Analytics are all the rage. And spend analysis plus spend analytics equals Procurement 101. So, getting some reasonable investment for reducing cost and increasing eprocurement savings shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Wrong. The problem with spend analytics is that the identified value is all […]