Tejari Whitepapers

Putting Supplier Relationships at the Center of Your Procurement Organization

Suppliers are essential to the success or failure of procurement organizations. So how do you get the most from them while creating a supplier management strategy that benefits all parties?

Traditional procurement processes often end up leaving the supplier out in the cold […]

Four Levers of Procurement

In our latest paper “Four Levers of Procurement” we explore the four levers in the procurement world.

Savings/Reduce Costs Cost control is a CPO priority.

Corporate Social Responsibility Sustainable procurement yields positive economic benefits in terms of reducing costs, lowering risks and growing revenue.


To Bid or Bust: Best Practices for Asking RFP Questions

To do eSourcing efficiently requires a different way of looking at things. Most people think that long and detailed equals thorough and comprehensive. However, for best practice eSourcing, that way of thinking is no longer true. Sure, there are some […]

Infographic: The Procurement Conundrum

In this infographic you will learn about balancing a diverse web of stakeholder interests and how to make sense of complex spend management.

5 Ways to Tell if Your Procurement Team is Customer Centric

For a long time, procurement has worked to deliver superior value to all internal stakeholder groups: including finance, operations, marketing, R&D, and the executive team. Many procurement teams have adopted a traditional ‘customer service’ model to guide their interaction, communication, […]