Tejari On-Demand Webinars

Discovering Opportunities through Spend Analysis

Presented by Majda Belghar, Tejari

One of the primary objectives of any procurement function is to achieve value for money, effective supplier management is one of the methods that can help us, as procurement professionals, deliver this. By gaining a deeper understanding […]

Managing your Supplier Community

Presented by Henry Sheppard, Tejari

In this webinar, we will look at:

Why you should carry out supplier management
How does supplier management apply to strategic sourcing process
The tools and techniques that can be used for supplier-engagement […]

Maximizing Sourcing Value

Presented by Marwa Aburahma of Tejari

This webinar begins by defining value. For this, the first thing that springs to mind to procurement professionals is savings, reducing the cost of the goods or savings being procured. However, there are other types of […]

Managing Supplier Risk

Presented by Abdel Halim Ahmed, Tejari

Supplier risk management is an evolving discipline in operations management for manufacturers, retailers, financial services companies and government agencies where the organization is highly dependent on suppliers to achieve business objectives.

Whilst it has allowed companies to reduce overall […]

Tejari Industry Briefings – Running Successful eAuctions

Presented by Sara Omer, Account Manager eSourcing at Tejari

This webinar looks at the auction process, and the benefits that running an auction can have on your business. We define an eAuction as a web based negotiation that allows a buyer to […]