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Two Case Studies that Unlocked Invisible Value Where Cost Price was a Lower-Level Consideration

17 May 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A
This webinar will look at 2 case studies that bring to life the reality and factual nature of improved business outcomes that have been masterly performed by procurement colleagues. We talk about ‘new value’ and sometimes it’s hard to visualize or imagine yourself in the picture of delivering these new value elements.

Case studies make it real and in many cases much better understood. Craig’s practical experiences bring these hard-to-visualize outcomes to life.

As he often does, he has a new procurement tool to show us that will turn someone else’s case study into your reality.

Key Topics:

Price-Cost-Value…some clear distinctions between these 3.
Where is the (non-price) pot of gold?
Case study 1: Where the cost price improvement by procurement was tiny and the mega ground-breaking benefit was a successful new product for your organization’s sales force.
The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the sales team and the sales director.
Case study 2: Where the outcome of a technology purchase actually met the requirements of the users, much to their surprise, when it has never been so in the past.
The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the IT Director.


Sourcing Optimization – Understanding The Process and The Benefits

25 April 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A
More and more companies are using sourcing optimization approaches and software, with considerable success. As computing power increases, the possibilities for using the process are also growing, and the results can be startling (and very positive). This webinar will give an overview of optimization, how it works, and the key factors to consider if you are considering introducing it or indeed extending its scope. We will also look a the different types of benefits that you can expect from optimization.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

What is sourcing optimization – and how does it differ from “traditional” sourcing?
Which are the most promising spend categories or projects for which optimization is likely to be effective, including more advanced use cases?
What are the critical success factors for successful implementation from a buyer’s perspective?
What sort of benefits are likely to be delivered through the process?


Innovative Data Leveraging for Procurement Analysis

28 March 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A

This webinar will explore the types of problems and questions faced by procurement executives that can benefit most through the application of analytical solutions (e.g. innovation, strategic cost management, risk mitigation, etc.). In addition, we will cover the different forms of cognitive solutions that are emerging to drive real-time decision-making and predictive sourcing capabilities.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

Asking the right research question that leads to the right analytical insights.
Embedded procurement solutions.
Combining spend management with other sources of data.
Working with new sources of data to support supplier analytics, technology trends, and risk metrics (e.g. social media, open source data, etc).
Introduce the concept of “innovative data leveraging” as a core dimension for building capability in analytics.

Achieving Strategic Alignment for Procurement With the Board…in just 3 pages

This webinar was recorded on 1st March 2017

This webinar will deal with the myth that setting strategy is very complicated and is only achievable by the planet’s smartest minds.

We have too long held the view that we are mere mortals and that the ability to create a strategy is beyond us — we should just accept our mediocrity and leave strategy creation to the boardroom.

Craig will take down this perceived giant by breaking it down into its logical component parts. And … do it in just 3 pages!

Key Topics of the Webinar:

The difference between objectives and strategy…is it none?…or is it lots?
Starting with your Board executive goals…turning them into your job goals.
Distinguishing between the procurement team job goals…and your personal goals.
The cascading effect…from the chairman of the board…to just you.
Is your strategic alignment now in place?…the proof technique.


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Is an Integrated Source-to-Pay solution right for you?

This webinar was recorded on 28th February 2017

In this webinar we will look at what exactly is meant by “source to pay” software and look at why it is gaining more traction in the industry. We will discuss how is compares to other approaches, particularly “best of breed” strategies,and look at options for implementation.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

Understand the different elements of source to pay – what is always included, what might be included when providers use the expression
Identify the benefits of the source to pay approach; and be clear which come from the different elements of the process and which from the integrated nature itself
Compare source to pay with other software strategies, understand the pros and cons of each approach
Understand the options in terms of implementing an S2P approach


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