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Supplier Relationship and Value Management: The Five Programme Killers and How to Overcome Them

25 July 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A
This webinar offers two perspectives on implementing Supplier Relationship and Value Management: Firstly, as a programme, and then as a method.

At the programme level, David Atkinson, MD of consultants Four Pillars, provides a model for developing your organization’s supplier management strategy by introducing the five critical questions that will mean the difference between failure and success. For each of these questions, answers are provided that will get you thinking about how you will make Supplier Relationship and Value Management work for your organization.

In addition, a method for implementing Supplier Relationship and Value Management is explained, detailing the key enablers that are essential for any programme, along with a description of how to develop relationship strategies and set-up supplier engagement protocols.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

An understanding of the key challenges that must be overcome in order to deliver a successful SRM programme.
A process for developing a coherent, integrated, and compelling strategy for SRM that will enthuse leaders, stakeholders, and colleagues alike.
An introduction to a systematic method of deploying SRM that includes must-have enablers, the steps to creating relationship strategies, and how to plan supplier engagement practices that secure the value your organization has contracted for, as well as the supplier development practices that encourage supplier innovation and incremental improvements in value.

Measuring your Procurement Capability…A Self-assessment Technique

19 July 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A
This webinar will provide you with a do-it-yourself process for evaluating your and your team’s capabilities across a collection of key competencies in executing modern procurement.

Capability assessment has been, and will always be an important part of career development and team performance. There are solutions you can purchase and now there are self – assessment tools that give you a clear picture of your procurement capability.

Knowing where to start is half the challenge and Craig will give us that start.

Key Topics:

Learn about SAGA…Self Assessment and Gap Analysis.
The 50 skill measures on you.
Scoring you on ‘People’ ‘Process’ and ‘Technology’ …on each skill.
Scoring your team on the same big 3.
Spotting the capability gaps and deciding what needs to be fixed first?
Applying your first ‘Personal Growth Plan’…a 1-pager that you will want to carry with you everywhere.

Finding Hidden In Year Savings

20 June 2017 | Live Webinar with Q&A
Most procurement plans establish targets to be delivered over a number of years, and indeed most of the effort in the current year will not achieve maximum returns until future years Procurement. But there is still a target to deliver this year, and due to unforeseen circumstances you many need find benefits that will count towards this year’s targets.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

Where you can look to find savings that will deliver in the current year.
The levers and opportunities which are most likely to deliver the benefits you are seeking
What dangers and missed opportunities will you encounter by pursuing short term gains

The Digital Procurement Era

This webinar was recorded on 23 May 2017

As organizations move to an environment characterized by cloud computing, the Internet of things, distributed computing, and mobile applications, it will be important to understand where and how these technologies can create value and support procurement decision-making.

Key Topics of the Webinar:

How can digital supply chains help drive visibility, capabilities, knowledge management, cost reduction, contract compliance, risk, and flexibility in the face of uncertainty?
What is the nature of these changes in the digital ecosystem?
How to map a strategy that establishes linking mechanisms between the types of business questions, sources of data, and the role of digital platforms in informing strategic decisions across the supply chain.
A “checklist” of issues to help participants think through how these changes will impact their jobs and their working environment.

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Two Case Studies that Unlocked Invisible Value Where Cost Price was a Lower-Level Consideration

This webinar was recorded on 17 May 2017
This webinar will look at 2 case studies that bring to life the reality and factual nature of improved business outcomes that have been masterly performed by procurement colleagues. We talk about ‘new value’ and sometimes it’s hard to visualize or imagine yourself in the picture of delivering these new value elements.

Case studies make it real and in many cases much better understood. Craig’s practical experiences bring these hard-to-visualize outcomes to life.

As he often does, he has a new procurement tool to show us that will turn someone else’s case study into your reality.

Key Topics:

Price-Cost-Value…some clear distinctions between these 3.
Where is the (non-price) pot of gold?
Case study 1: Where the cost price improvement by procurement was tiny and the mega ground-breaking benefit was a successful new product for your organization’s sales force.
The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the sales team and the sales director.
Case study 2: Where the outcome of a technology purchase actually met the requirements of the users, much to their surprise, when it has never been so in the past.
The ‘thank you’ to procurement…from the IT Director.

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