This webinar was recorded on 31st August 2016

If an Executive Leader has not come from a procurement background in their climb to the top, how could they understand the deeper significance of end to end modern procurement? How could they possibly think it’s more than just buying?

Try as we might, we haven’t cracked the nut of CEO endorsement across the public and private sector board rooms.

Wherever we have a success story we usually find the genesis of a CEO’s new love for procurement happened when a procurement person (not always the procurement leader) has put it in simple terms, in ‘impact and outcomes’ language with no procurement jargon.

Craig Lardner has addressed countless CEOs on ‘why procurement matters’ and has found many ways to fail…and now a way to succeed.

Our first goal, in the first 60 seconds with the CEO is to create a reason for the next 60 seconds, where we can add options and evidence as to why procurement needs to matter more to their organisation. They will be the best 60 seconds you ever earnt!

Webinar highlights:

  • If your CEO, COO or CFO walked up to you and said “Explain procurement to me and convince me how much it matters…( and make it quick, I’m in a hurry)”, then the next few words out of your mouth are critical
  • This session is built to equip you with the ‘60 second elevator speech’ that will leave your executive leader with a greater appetite for ‘this procurement thing’. It might just get you ‘to the table’
  • This Procurement thing: What was it then? What is it now?
  • 10 new pieces of information for the Executive Leader
  • A Best Practice Procurement Operating Model
  • A basic spend segmentation technique. Thank you Mr Kraljic.
  • Finding Quick Win $…it’s all in the ‘bubbles’
  • Suppliers segment you…any idea what box they put you in?

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