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Tejari operates as an integral part of the BravoSolution network with an exclusive focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Its growing team of more than 60 professionals across Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide effective support to a rising portfolio of local clients as well as multi-national organizations operating in the region.

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How Can You Tell if Your Procurement Team is Customer Centric?

Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Traditionally, procurement works to deliver superior value to internal  stakeholder groups: including finance, operations, marketing, R&D, and the executive team. Many procurement teams have adopted a traditional ‘customer service’ model to guide their interaction and […]

Bravosolution Tejari to Host World’s Top Procurement Organizations at Fifth Annual Bravoconnect

Global procurement leaders will convene at BravoSolution Tejari’s customer conference to share best practices and strategies for transforming procurement’s future

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 8 August 2017 – BravoSolution Tejari, the leading global strategic procurement provider, will host its fifth annual […]

If Procurement Was A Movie Title

By Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer at BravoSolution
Procurement processes today are vast, complex, critical and strategic – and they tell a very compelling story.

If your procurement story was a movie, what would it be? This was the question we posed to […]

Procurement’s Transformation: From Chief Penny Pincher to Chief Partner Officer

By Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer at BravoSolution

Ten to 15 years ago, procurement was still fighting for organizational significance. Seen strictly as cost-cutters, CPOs lacked a true role at the board level, reporting to either the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Engineering […]

How to get started with source-to-pay

Tom Pellescki, VP, Consulting and David Englebert, Director at BravoSolution

Your organization made the decision to implement a full end-to-end procurement platform – congratulations, this is a smart move that will enable your team to deliver more value for the business. Now that you’ve pulled the […]