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Tejari operates as an integral part of the BravoSolution network with an exclusive focus on the Middle East and North Africa. Its growing team of more than 60 professionals across Dubai and Abu Dhabi provide effective support to a rising portfolio of local clients as well as multi-national organizations operating in the region.

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The Five SRM Killers

By David Atkinson

Barely a week goes by without yet another story in the press of failures of suppliers to provide goods and services to a standard set out in the contract. We also hear of supermarkets, defense contractors, building firms, […]

Benefits of a Modern Source to Pay Solution

Many organizations still use outdated platforms that slow down the entire procurement process. These platforms usually run on third-party software and tend to be quite limited.

While these outdated platforms may be good at managing transactions, they can also be very […]

How Can Procurement Enable Digital Transformation?

Andrea Brody, Chief Marketing Officer 

To stay ahead, today’s CPOs and procurement professionals need to look for new ways to transform their daily practices. A primary area of emphasis is digital transformation, which can have a dramatic influence on how services […]

How Organizations Can Optimize Their Procurement Processes

Dan Quinn, SVP at BravoSolution MENA/Tejari discusses in two TV interviews how organizations can optimize their procurement processes and the strategic importance of having available adequate information and transparency.

Dubai One – Emirates News | (English): This interview looks at how organizations can optimize […]

Get a Grip – Logistics News Middle East Magazine

Dan Quinn, senior vice president at BravoSolution MENA / Tejari, talks about taking control of transportation spend management, which is good for the Middle East Shipper.

Within the world of procurement, few spend categories combine the broad impact with the complex […]