September 2017

Harnessing Supplier Competition For Your Advantage: eAuctions Make It Happen

eAuctions can generally be characterized as one of two types: reverse and forward. In reverse eAuctions, bidders lower their offer price with every bid; in forward eAuctions bidders raise their offer price with every bid. Regardless of which type is used, the bid direction will remain constant throughout the event, so bids will always go […]

Big Data Spend Analytics

Many manufacturing and distribution companies are wrestling with the enormous challenge of Big Data, trying to turn mountains of data into actionable information. And while some companies curse the landslide of data overwhelming their organizations, others look to capitalize on what they realize is an opportunity to better understand their customers, suppliers and costs. But […]

The Petroleum Institute

Case Study: The Petroleum Institute – The Petroleum Institute is a world-class engineering University which has become a leading teaching and research centre supporting the oil and gas industry in the Middle East. Located in Abu Dhabi, it is funded by a consortium of national and international oil companies, is home to more than 2000 students […]

August 2017

Creating Transparency in the Supply Chain to Reduce Risk

This webinar was recorded on 29 August 2017

Labor and Human Rights. With the advent of disasters like Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, as well as factory work in low cost countries, working conditions are becoming a hot button for many companies. An important transition into creating transparency is when large organizations can create a “federated” network, […]

How to Justify Spend Analysis to Finance/IT When There’s No Clear ROI

Analytics are all the rage. And spend analysis plus spend analytics equals Procurement 101. So, getting some reasonable investment for reducing cost and increasing eprocurement savings shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Wrong. The problem with spend analytics is that the identified value is all “option value.” By using the right spend analysis software to analyze your spend data, you […]

Navigating the Path from Tactical Procurement Analytics to Strategic Supply Analytics

Spend visibility is foundational to any procurement transformation because to better manage supply, you have to manage spend. Spend is what you pay and supply is what you get, and to manage spend you have to see it. Yet too many procurement organizations work hard to put basic spend analytics in place but don’t have […]

Changing Roles of the Procurement Leader: The Analytical CPO

The business world constantly changes, so procurement leaders have to change with it. While much of the recent focus has been on the need for procurement professionals to develop strong interpersonal skills, we’ve been observing another trend that is driving somewhat different needs.

To succeed now, a procurement leader must also be increasingly analytical and data-driven, […]

MRO Sourcing Strategies Content Pack

By Jason Busch, Executive Editor at Spend Matters

We know MRO can be a major headache. But with so much money on the table, the opportunity to drive category management savings plus truly impact procurement organization results and business ROI is monumental.

For manufacturing companies, or any business that operates a number of plant facilities, the efficient procurement and […]

Leapfrog the Competition by Transforming Your Supplier Relationships from Tactical to Strategic

The procurement whitepaper title makes it sound so easy but don’t be fooled. There’s hard work in transforming supplier engagement. In our supplier relationship whitepaper you will learn:

How and why organizations are transforming their supplier collaboration best practices
New insight into a more proactive, deliberate supplier relationship management approach to work with your procurement supply base from source to pay

Driving Lasting Savings by Reducing Cost with Spend Compliance

CPOs are tasked to manage reducing cost and increasing savings so their organizations can deliver products and services without disruption – and get the most from source to pay and supplier management to support supplier development. This complex procurement outlook and savings tracking all needs to take place in the face of market volatility, fluctuating commodity prices and supplier uncertainty. […]